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Last Blood / Deepness

Rancho Diablo 'Last Blood' / Rosa Mota 'Deepness' split 7" artwork (1) Rancho Diablo 'Last Blood' / Rosa Mota 'Deepness' split 7" artwork (2)

single // Last Blood / Deepness Split 7"

thirteenth hour recordings / mute records | 7" hour6 | 15/12/1994 | track listing

This split 7” between Rancho Diablo and Rosa Mota was released, and only available, on Thursday 15 December 1994. I can't find any evidence to confirm or deny this, but I think this was only available at a Thirteenth Hour Recordings showcase concert, probably at some dirty, dark venue in London. Probably The Garage. (I also have a Foil gig-only CD promo of demos somewhere in my loft, so that could well be true.) Or maybe it was a mail-order or record store only promo. A Google search, given the two band names, simply produces a load of Spanish or Mexican sites, usually about births and deaths. The release combines two tracks from both bands' forthcoming debut albums – Chicken World by Rancho Diablo and Wishful Sinking by Rosa Mota – both of which were released by Thirteenth Hour in 1995. I've seen this 7” selling for a ridiculous $40 on some sites, but I bought mine second-hand a few weeks ago for £2. Go figure.

I first came across Chicken World in a second-hand shop in Colchester, and I probably haven't listened to it for about ten years. I remember leaving my first listen to the album absolutely slack-jawed and totally blown away by the sheer ferocity of the thing. 'Last Blood' is full of insanely frantic drumming, howling guitars, industrial synths and distorted, unpleasant vocals. Listening to this today, I found my heart racing at this track, which could be a sped-up take on 'Head Like A Hole' by Nine Inch Nails if Trent Reznor had more of a sense of (admittedly dark) humour.

The contrast with the pastoral 'Deepness', which consists of polite banjo, gentle strings and subtle drumming, leading to a grungey middle eight. There's also some sweetly unified vocals from Ian Bishop and Julie Rumsey (something I didn't find on their second album Bionic). Really rather lovely, actually.

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split 7":
A. Rancho Diablo 'Last Blood'
B. Rosa Mota 'Deepness'

Note: the label information swaps round the songs incorrectly

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